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More About Matterport

Virtual tours created with cell phone video or animated photos with background music are not real virtual tours! A virtual tour should create an experience for the viewer. Not just a cheesy rehash of pictures with outdated music. 


LV3D leverages the most advanced 3D technology on the market by Matterport to create an exciting Interactive 3D Virtual Walk-Through, a.k.a. 3D Showcase. The experience for the viewer is unlike anything in the market. See residential and commercial properties we've created.

Also available in our offering is virtual reality! See how VR Goggles create a VR Tour where you literally walk through each room from inside the property. Watch this video, as we leverage Matterport CORE VR technology.

But it isn't all about technology. Our commitment to customer excellence combined with our advanced editing techniques is what truly sets the services apart. Our packaging, pricing and real estate market experience maximize the business benefits!

Doing business is easy with LV3D for real estate agents, brokers, real estate professionals, retailers and commercial clients:

  • Order online, text or call us for your onsite 3D Showcase scanning, drone and/or photography session

  • Receive your branded and unbranded links, photos and images via e-mail with download options

  • List the links on MLS, Zillow and others and let the market interact with the property!

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