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Our Photography


We capture luxury-level, HDR (High Definition Resolution) photos in 5 bracket formatting taken from high-end Nikon Z-series cameras using specialized wide angle lens. Our experienced editors deliver the right balance of photos that are colorful and crisp, yet visually recreate the property with "real world" imagery.


We treat every property like it's luxury property!


Check out our photography prep list HERE.

Professional Residential Photography

Our residential gallery of professional photos highlights a range of properties. See how LV3D makes every property look its best.


From exteriors and interiors, to yard and pool shots, we focus on the right angles which best represent each and every photo.

Zillow Certified Photographer

Aerial Photography & Video

Aerial photography delivers a spectacular view of a property! 

Now you can use drone imagery for almost every property.

Key advantages of LV3D aerial photos include: focused property shots, distant shots, city views, black and white highlight editing, and community photos. 

FAA Certified UAS Drone Pilot

Twilight Photography & Community Photos

The setting sun is a powerful tool in real estate photography. With the proper editing, colors of the sky become vibrant and lighted pools come to life, providing a calm and relaxing effect to the property.

Community photos are an additional benefit when highlighting the local area. Whether it be aerial shots, photos of the local park, or just the gated community sign, we love shooting community photos!

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