Matterport Offering by LV3D

LV3D leverages the most advanced 3D technology in the market from Matterport, creating an exciting Interactive 3D Virtual Reality Tour, always with Auto-Play. 


LV3D delivers the full Matterport experience as a service; without any hardware or software purchase! See 4 minute video interview for details.

LV3D Editing

The ultimate viewing experience is only achieved with LV3D's special editing techniques. A true 3D Virtual Reality Tour of Matterport from LV3D includes:


  • Spinning dollhouses, fly-ins, and floor plans

  • Automated (auto-play) tours using Highlight Reel

  • Mattertag descriptions with videos and links

  • Integrated exterior 360 views

super condo-penthouse.JPG

A standard feature of Matterport is compatibility with VR Goggles! This is something you have to see to believe.  A VR Tour visually lets you navigate through each room  inside the property. 

Coming soon!  Free VR goggles to test with clients.

Matterport VR Goggle