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Best Matterport in Vegas

Always Auto-Play!

Full 3D Experience

Virtual Reality

Editing Specialists

Dollhouses, Floor Plans and more...

Why Matterport From LV3D

See this 4 minute video for details on why our approach gives the most value to the realtor, broker, buyer and seller...compared to a basic scan without editing.

​LV3D only delivers the full Matterport experience:  An Interactive 3D Virtual Reality Tour.

LV3D Editing

The Matterport Dollhouse


The ultimate viewing experience is only achieved with LV3D's special editing techniques:

  • Special cropping for Matterport processing

  • Introduction using spinning dollhouses, fly-ins, and floor plan views

  • Automated (auto-play) tours using Highlight Reel

  • Mattertag descriptors with videos and links

  • Integrated exterior 360 views

We fully utilize the dollhouse views for the 3D tour as well as deliver jpg photos for MLS and marketing.

Matterport_ Residential
3 Story House.jpg

Our Work

Click Images to Experience Matterport
(Auto-Play takes you through the entire property)

Matterport Resources

Matterport App.PNG

​Matterport Sales Support Items:

How to demonstrate a Matterport Interactive 3D Virtual Reality Tour from LV3D?

  • Download the Matterport 3D App on your mobile device or iPad.  

  • See featured properties included.

  • Download your own listings. 

Matterport VR Goggle

Every Matterport from LV3D is compatible with VR Goggles! (Matterport is now optimized for Oculous Quest Goggles.) This is something you have to see to believe. 


A VR Tour visually lets you navigate through each room inside the property. 

Contact us to test how VR goggles to can help you sell your property. There are many goggle options available. It's a great listing presentation tool!

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