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Matteport and Real Estate Photography Cleaning

Would your like your Interactive 3D Virtual Reality Tour or professional photography to be amazing? 


Here are the most important tips to get your property ready.


1. Clean the house:  All the basics including vacuuming, windows, furniture. If your carpets need it, get them cleaned.

2. Declutter:  Get rid of the small stuff and remove family items if possible.

3.  Remove pet remnants:  Cages, food, dog beds.

4.  Lighting: Make sure your bulbs are working. We'll probably close the blinds as that is preferred over sunlight.

5. During this time of COVID-19, we request that owners vacate the property during the photography and scanning processes.  LV3D scanning experts will wear protective hand gloves, shoe covers, and masks when appropriate.

Matterport Equipment

Matterport Camera Pro2

LV3D owns multiple Matterport cameras.  


These expensive devices provide the highest quality, utilizing 9 lens simultaneously during the scanning process.  There are lower cost scanners, but based on our research, the branded Matterport cameras provide the highest quality and value.


We have completed hundreds of scans and are growing rapidly in the Las Vegas market.


FAQ Matterport Las Vegas

There are several topics which are frequently discussed with current and prospective clients.  The include:

1. How long does a scanning session take?  


  • Typically 1 hour per 1,000 square footage for the interior of the property.  For example, a 5,000 sq ft house would be approximately 5 hours. We spend a little extra time to do it right! 

2.  Why is the cost of a Matterport typically a little more than photos?


  • The value of the Matterport is significant for acquiring new clients and selling of the property. Compare an LV3D Interactive 3D Virtual Reality Tour to any photo based tour and you will see.  

  • The time commitment to scanning, uploading and editing is significantly more with Matterport than photos. But the two complement each other for the most effective selling and buying experience.

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