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LV3D 6 Month Anniversary

I can't believe its been six months since we started LV3D Real Estate Imagery! Since we've started, we've been focusing primarily on for our new clients and partners, generating amazing online experiences. Thank you to all of our early customers including Nevada Realty Experts, Coldwell Banker, Presidio Real Estate Services, Pulse Realty as well as partners Neon Sun Photography and Matterport.

It is great to see a steamy Las Vegas market again. We haven't yet approached the mid 2000 levels yet, but its a growth market which should yield great profits for those in the industry.

So what's the role of LV3D and why can we make a difference? We think of the early part of the buying cycle as several stages:

1. Strike their attention:

a. Radiant Photography: You find the home on a search with striking photos, you want to see more...Combining interior, exterior and drone photos is best.

b. Promo videos: Perfectly tailed toward social media

2. Qualify the prospect immediately:

a. Using Matterport 3D technology, we create a high-impact, high-quality virtual tour. The potential buyer can interact and experience the entire property immediately. This not only "sells" the property, but qualifies those who are marginal prospects. We've heard numerous times that the Matterport "sold the house". But perhaps most importantly, it makes the entire sales cycle so much more efficient for the agent.

In closing, we love working with realtors and brokers as business partners. We think we can help differentiate the property and assist the cycle cycle to be faster and more streamlined. We we look forward to ramping up and supporting you in H2!

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