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What are the benefits of a Matterport-based Interactive 3D Virtual Walk-Through, (a.k.a. Enhanced 3D Virtual Tour) in addition to photos?

Sellers Agent and Seller:

1. Increases the chances to win the listing via superior professionalism.

2. Saves time for listing agent because the technology helps qualify buyers by presenting a realistic and interactive version of the residential or commercial property.

3. Presents a strong technology story.  

4. Helps meet market and buyer expectations. Proactively prevents buyers from being disappointed from not having features of Matterport available. Matterport market share is growing.

5. Weekly reporting showing qualified buyers rather than casual viewers.

6. Helps sell home at maximum value, by generating interest from multiple parties and drives more competition in the property.  More satisfied sellers and additional commissions.

7. Expands market potential to investors outside the Las Vegas market including internationally. This exposes the property to a wider range of cash buyers. Las Vegas market is attracting significant activity outside the US.

8. Facilitates promotional videos with Walk-Throughs of the property, which are hosted and drive traffic.

9. Materials reusable on social media, email campaigns and other internal programs.

Buyers and Buyer Agents:

1. Ability to look at home at any time from any location, i.e. out of country, traveling.

2. Makes "return visits" easier.

3. Helps shorter decision cycles with the entire home experience online.

4. Easier to highlight features of the home in a controlled way.

5. Builds and emotional connection to the property.

Are you investing in your listing?

According to a article, "a typical commission is 6% of the sales price." Of that, the commission is split between buyer and seller broker/agent.


Is it worth it to invest $500 on photos, tours and drones on a $300,000 listing which yields a $9,000 commission?  How about on a $600,000 home; would you invest $800 when you could make $18,000? How about on a $1M home?


It seems simple, but this is your livelihood. You want to get the most "bang for your buck".  Here are a few thoughts...


As a seller's or buyer's agent for residential properties, you will gain more clients by representing LV3D Radiant Photography, Matterport-based Interactive 3D Virtual Walk-Throughs and Aerial Drone Photos and Videos all integrated into your service. One additional seller or buyer contract pays for 12 to 30 packages during the year!  

Also, what if you are able to sell the property at an extra $5K, $10K, $50K, because the technology has brought in more buyers, who support a higher selling price.  That's worth $500-$1,500 easily.

Lastly, if you don't feel you want to "pick up the tab", ask the seller for a cost-sharing approach. Sellers love new concepts, but if you split the cost, it's only a few pennies per day over the life of the listing.

How can I best demonstrate a Matterport-based Interactive 3D Virtual Walkthough from LV3D?

We have many tools to help you.  

1. Go to and click on Residential Properties.  We have many properties to show with different configurations, i.e. with and without furniture, single story vs. multiple stories, luxury vs. modest homes.

2. Download the Matterport 3D App on your mobile device or iPad.  There you can see many default featured properties. You can download several to your mobile device.  Or, we can give you access to your sites under the "cloud" option.

3. Test the Samsung VR goggles with us. We'll walk you through it.  It's an immersive experience for clients to truly become part of the property, from wherever they are located!

4. Be on the lookout for additional videos from LV3D!

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