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Interactive 3D Virtual Walk-Through/Showcase for Commercial and Retail Stores

Full Deliverable For Commercial Properties:

  1. Onsite 3D Scanning Process (est. 1 hour per 1,000 sq. ft)

  2. Creation of Interactive 3D Virtual Tour & Walk-Through

  3. Specialized Editing:

    1. Mattertags: highlight key features of property with descriptions, links and simple videos

    2. Labels: names for each room

    3. Dollhouse: overlook view

  4. Highlight Reel creation for automated walk-through

  5. Delivery of branded promotional links and unbranded

  6. Online hosting

  7. Monthly, Bi-weekly or weekly reporting



  Prices based on square footage of property or retail store.

  Monthly payment program with minimum 1 year commitment.

  Typical prices average $25-$100 per month.

  Minimum price: $20 per month.

 **$0.39 per mile travel cost outside Las Vegas Metro area.

Commercial and Retail Store

Add-on Options

  1. Additional editing time for customized Walk-Through, i.e. adding product information, links to special websites and insertion of video links

  2. Mp4 video for social media distribution with online posting on

  3. Individual web page for marketing and promotions, hosted on

  4. Schematic floor plan

  5. On-site customization visit

  6. Virtual reality link for VR goggles




All options above are quoted at standard $95/hour customization rate.


Radiant Photography

Professional Photos & Aerial Drones

Welcome to the future of photography!

Through a partnership with Neon Sun Photography, LV3D offers Radiant Photography as a superior deliverable to traditional "photos"!  Photography services can include facilities, products, food or individuals.


Prices quoted on a project level basis.

These professional photography is unmatched in the industry!  LV3D is your one stop solution for all imagery.


Interviews, Events and Product Videos

Welcome to the future of videography!

Through a partnership with IZZO pro Videography, LV3D offers professional video recording, editing and creation.  Creative videos can be created for facilities, products, food or individuals, just to name a few. Videos can also be integrated with Interactive 3D Walk-Throughs and 3D Shopping!


Prices quoted on a project level basis.

Great packaging options!  LV3D is your one stop solution for all imagery.

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